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Grimshaw Curling Club awarded 20K for ice plant replacement

The UFA Rural Communities Foundation provided the Grimshaw Curling Club with a grant of $20,000 to go toward the club’s ice plant replacement.

Grimshaw Curling Club board members Jocelyn Winder and Janessa Allan

For more than 80 years, the Grimshaw Curling Club has been a gathering place for community and sport activities, but the 40-year-old ice plant is nearing the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

It is taking more money to keep the old ice plant operating and the ice in good shape. The club is well on its way to raising the $300,000 needed to replace the old ice plant, and they hope to have it installed in 2023 for the following curling season.

In 2022, the UFA Rural Communities Foundation received more than 130 grant applications for projects that supported either recreation or educational events and activities, or cultural facilities and programs.

The Grimshaw Curling Club’s application was chosen along with applications benefitting projects in Dunmore, Foremost and Stettler.

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