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Get Your Motor Runnin' & Head Out on the Highway

Northwestern Alberta is Perfect for Motorcyclists

For Ike Doerksen, 42, the sense of adventure and enjoyment while riding his motorcycle puts a smile on his face.

Originally from La Crete, Doerksen moved to High Level in 2000. A motorcycle enthusiast, Doerksen encourages others to get on their bikes and explore the region.

“I’ve been interested in motorcycles since I was a kid. Growing up, my brother had a bike. I would sneak a ride on it whenever I could. It wasn’t until recently I got a bike of my own. In 2022, I purchased a 2006 Suzuki, V-Strom 1000,” said Doerksen.

Doerksen works at Norpine Auto Supply, which provides him with opportunities to engage in conversation with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

“I started talking to local bike owners and quickly discovered that not many have had the chance to get out for a good ride. I thought, ‘Maybe there is a way to connect people and create an opportunity for riders to get together and explore the area,’” said Doerksen.

Doerksen started a chat group through WhatsApp, and a group of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts started to form. The group successfully completed several rides throughout the summer of 2022.

“The chat group took off quickly. There was great interest from people asking to join the group. We are not an official motorbike organization,” said Doerksen.

“There are no fees or obligations. We are simply a group of folks who enjoy and promote friendly and safe riding.”

One such ride Doerksen and the group organized was over 600 km round-trip.

“We went north up to Hay River in the Northwest Territories, stopping to take in the scenery at Alexandra Falls. That was a wonderful trip,” said Doerksen.

For another ride, Doerksen’s group met up with a group from La Crete that gather annually to ride what they call “the Ferry Loop.” They take the La Crete Ferry across the Peace River, then ride to High Level and loop around back to La Crete.

“It’s around 260 km. With nearly 100 bikes, there were riders from several communities. It was a great time being with other riders and surrounded by beautiful scenery. We had a lot of great feedback. People are really looking forward to doing the Ferry Loop ride again this year,” said Doerksen.

For Doerksen, Northwestern Alberta is the absolute dream for motorcyclists.

“Exploring the Peace Region by motorcycle provides a perspective and experience like no other. With its low amount of traffic, drier weather and beautiful summers, the Peace Country is the perfect place explore and enjoy by motorbike,” said Doerksen.

For more information, search “Mamoto High Level” on Facebook.


By Laura Hanna | Photography Submitted

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