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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Two Tourist Associations Unite for an Epic Circle Tour Campaign

Pack up the car, load up the snacks and prepare for an unforgettable experience. Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association (MFTA) and Mighty Peace Tourism (MPT) have joined forces to collaborate on an epic itinerary encompassing Alberta’s Northwest in a 1,005 km circle tour with 42 stops.

The Fort Vermilion Bridge and the Peace River
The Fort Vermilion Bridge and the Peace River

The two destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are a perfect fit for collaboration as their respective territories border each other in Northwestern Alberta.

“Back in June 2020, we started talking about a partnership opportunity with Mighty Peace Tourism to promote a northern circle tour,” said Kayla Wardley, MFTA Tourism Coordinator. “After many meetings and an amazing grant through Travel Alberta, The Great Northern Alberta Circle Tour was born.”

The concept of the circle tour is to promote tourism in the Northwest Region and give visitors the opportunity to see both the Mackenzie Frontier and the Mighty Peace within a week.

The self-drive tour encompasses ferries, museums, greenspaces, rivers, cultural attractions, hidden gems and more.

The La Crete Heritage Centre, The Mackenzie Crossroads Museum in High Level and the La Crete Ferry

Mighty Peace Tourism created the website landing page with the help of Strong Coffee Marketing.

Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association took care of the brochure design and creation with the help of graphic designers Wilma O’Rourke and Megan Peters.

Both DMOs worked closely with local photographer Paul Lavoie to capture amazing photos of local sights, people and attractions.

“This collaboration has allowed us to join together and make even bigger strides in bettering our communities and improving tourism for our visitors, tourism operators and municipalities,” said Wardley.

Bricks Hill, The Cabin in the Woods and a couple enjoying a picnic at Figure Eight Lake

“Our organizations have worked so well together because we’re so passionate about tourism. We have a common goal to promote tourism to our regions,” said Tammy Brauer, MPT Executive Director. “Multi-region projects like this are a focus for Travel Alberta as they are very cost-effective and have a greater reach—offering explorers more reasons to visit and stay longer.”

The team behind this collaboration—Alaura Wardley, MFTA Chair; Kayla Wardley, MFTA Tourism Coordinator; Tammy Brauer, MPT Executive Director; and Alana Bergeron, MPT Marketing Director—would like to thank their respective board members and the staff of both DMOs for all the hard work that went into the circle tour.

“We look forward to more creative collaborations in the future,” said Wardley.

Visit or to explore these itineraries.


Proudly sponsored by Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association and Travel Alberta.

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