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Meet the Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association Photographers

Adam Noble Adam in the Wild Photography

My name is Adam Noble. I grew up in Rainbow Lake and have been living here for nearly 30 years.

Photography is my main hobby. For the last five years, I’ve been dedicated to learning and growing as a photographer.

When I was 20, I booked my first solo trip to Australia, and my parents gave me my first camera for Christmas. I took hundreds of photos throughout my trip and came back with much more than just memories.

This trip really sparked my interest in traveling and photography. Several countries and thousands of photos later, I finally took my dream trip to Africa. Photographing the wild animals and the beautiful scenery there really solidified my dream of being a photographer.

By 24, I had upgraded my equipment, and I never leave home without my camera. I am addicted to getting "the perfect shot," whatever the subject may be.

I consider myself a landscape and wildlife photographer. Nature changes with every angle and every ray of light.

I’ve done a few shoots for Mackenzie Frontier. I've photographed some businesses and amenities in Rainbow Lake, showing everything we have to offer in the area. I've also provided some landscape and wildlife shots for Mackenzie Frontier’s travel brochures and other publications.


Amy Kroeker Life Through A Lens Photography

Hello! I’m Amy Kroeker. I was born and raised in La Crete, and I’ve lived here my entire life.

I’ve always been fascinated by photography. I saw my mom photograph everything when I was a child, so I created my own photo sessions!

When I was about 13 years old, I got her old DSLR camera and did my first session for my aunt. I instantly fell in love!

I kept photographing anyone who would allow me, and I kept practicing—learning everything I could about my camera and how it worked.

I have now been doing photography professionally for about seven years.

My favourite type of photography is definitely weddings and couples. Wedding days are filled with so many incredible moments and documenting this love is the greatest privilege!

I’ve worked with MFTA for a number of years now and I am always excited when I get to do a session for them.

One of my favourites was a session highlighting some of the great things to do in our community and area—highlighting our heritage, and many of the phenomenal things our community offers. More recently, I’ve had the privilege of photographing local

businesses and learning their histories and how they’ve served our community through the years.


Pearl Lambert Stevens That Girl Pearl Photography

My name is Pearl Lambert Stevens. I am 51 years old, and I was born and raised in Fort Vermilion.

I have always loved photography. I would always edit photos on my computer and never dreamed that one day I would be able to take my own photos to edit!

My husband surprised me with a Nikon D 3100 camera for Christmas of 2012. I took part in a Dave Brosha Photography workshop in the fall of 2013 in Fort Vermilion, and I left there with so much knowledge, inspiration and motivation.

With the encouragement of a good friend I booked a couple of families for Christmas photos and I have been booking clients ever since.

I now shoot on a mirrorless Nikon camera, and I am so happy with it.

I worked on the Guitar Lessons movie, which shot recently in the region. It was a huge learning experience.

I love shooting portraits. It’s my absolute favorite form of photography. I get to be one-on-one with a person and just be creative.

I have done quite a few shoots for MFTA. My favourites have been the ones that get me out to Fort Vermilion, so I can capture the beauty there. I especially love photographing the Peace River.

I hope I get to continue photographing for a very long time. It’s definitely my passion.


Trent Schlamp Trent Schlamp Photography

My name is Trent Schlamp. I am 35 years old. I reside in a small northern town in Alberta.

For many years I have searched the internet for the coolest wallpapers, and I would download quite a few. My goal was to find something with a story, something that would cause you to sit and look at and get immersed into the story of the scene.

I bought a camera for our holidays and slowly began to realize not only did I love it, but I could possibly be able to create the images I had searched so long for.

It was shortly after that I realized I was going to have to start climbing mountains to get what I really wanted.

To pick my favorite type of photography, I have to combine a few different things—a beautiful scene and another human being.

There is something more special about humans than any other creature on Earth, and being able to photograph people in amazing places is the “storytelling photo” I’ve been searching for since the beginning.

I was on this one shoot for Mackenzie Frontier, to document certain aspects of Machesis Lake, and when I arrived I found three amazingly beautiful swans in the middle of the lake. I was able to get my kayak in the water and get a few images without sinking myself or my camera. The scene was so still, so silent and so beautiful. It was a moment I will remember.

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