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KMSC Law LLP Opens New Office to Serve La Crête & Surrounding Area

Partners Jennifer Laverick, Natasha Collins, Gareth Pugh, and Associate Spenser Cuttingham

A leader in Northern Alberta’s legal industry, KMSC Law LLP is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its new office in La Crête. Other locations include Grande Prairie, Fairview and Spirit River.

Joining this location are Partners Gareth Pugh, Jennifer Laverick, Natasha Collins and Associate Spenser Cunningham, all of whom are familiar with the area and have ties to the North.

“We have experience offering creative solutions in the areas of business law, real estate, agriculture, and wills and estates. We can personalize our services to fit our client’s needs,” said Laverick.

The firm’s team of skilled lawyers are dedicated to serving the community and surrounding areas, and this new office will facilitate their mission to deliver excellence in legal representation.

This exciting expansion marks a significant milestone for the firm, enabling them to foster even stronger relationships with their esteemed clients while better understanding their unique legal matters.

“We have been serving this area for more than a decade. Having this presence will allow us to continue providing high-quality care to our clients,” said Pugh.

The grand opening of the La Crête office represents not only an expansion of their physical presence but also growth in their dedication to serving their clients with unwavering professionalism and expertise.

This newest office is state-of-the-art, and KMSC Law LLP is excited to extend its exceptional legal services to the residents of La Crête and surrounding communities and provide them with comprehensive legal solutions tailored to their specific needs.

At KMSC Law LLP, they believe in making strong connections with their clientele near and far. Relationship building is imperative in tight-knit communities, so it’s a priority for KMSC Law LLP.

By forging closer connections, KMSC Law LLP aims to provide comprehensive legal counsel that goes beyond expectations, ensuring clients receive the support they require to achieve their desired outcomes.

“We understand proximity plays a vital role in building trust and ensuring personalized representation,” said Laverick. “By being right here in the neighbourhood, we are committed to being even more accessible and attentive to every individual’s legal needs.”

By providing a welcoming and comfortable environment, the firm encourages clients to share their concerns openly, which will help foster a deeper understanding of their legal needs.

“It is crucial to have an in-person connection with our clients,” said Pugh. “We also have a full-time staff member who can assist in providing video conferencing solutions to our clients on a daily basis.”

KMSC Law LLP believes in actively participating in the growth and development of La Crête. Through various outreach initiatives, they aim to contribute to the well-being of individuals as well as the prosperity of the community.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the area and a history of serving clients in Northern Alberta for over 100 years. We aim to give back to the community as much as we can,” said Pugh. “Becoming a regular presence will allow us to continue to meet this community’s needs for years to come.”

KMSC Law LLP is excited to collaborate with local organizations, sponsor events and engage in philanthropic endeavors that will benefit La Crête at large.

As KMSC Law LLP embarks on this new chapter, they would like to express their genuine enthusiasm for the future.

“We look forward to contributing to the growth of the hamlet and helping to facilitate the progress currently happening here,” said Laverick.

Clients and community members are invited to visit the new office of KMSC Law LLP at #5, 9710-100 Street in La Crête and experience their new location firsthand.

“Together, we can embark on a journey of legal excellence, community service and a prosperous future for all,” said Pugh.


KMSC.CA | 1-888-531-7771


#5, 9710 - 100 Street

La Crête , AB TOH 2HO


#401, 10514 - 67 Avenue

Grande Prairie, AB TBW OK8


10316 - 110 Street

Fairview, AB TOH 1LO


4506 - 50 Street

Spirit River, AB TOH 3EO

Photography by Trent Schlamp

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