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Creating Happiness in a Bag

The Dancing Dog Co. | Trina & JP Ramon | Grimshaw, AB

Trina Remon (nee Campbell) and her husband, JP, are in the business of making dogs happy and healthy. This husband-and-wife team own The Dancing Dog Co. and are on a mission to bring joy to as many dogs as they can.

“Locally made in Grimshaw, we offer freeze-dried, raw beef, chicken and bison liver treats that are human grade and sourced from local farmers,” said Trina.

Originally inspired by her own dog, Henry, Trina realized that freeze-dried, raw products were best suited for their lifestyle of travelling and adventuring.

Recognizing these dog products can be hard to find in the region, gave Trina an idea, but she needed help to bring it to fruition.

“After meeting my husband, we were able to bring my idea to life,” said Trina. “We spent many nights planning and dancing around the kitchen. That’s when we came up with the name, The Dancing Dog Co.”

Using Henry the dog as the company’s mascot and logo, Trina and JP quickly put their plans into action. In the summer of 2021, they attended their first Farmers’ Market in Peace River.

“By the fall of 2022, we had our first big account with Bone and Biscuits, and now we have several accounts across the country,” said Trina. “Our products are in Freson Bros. in Peace River, Fairview and Grande Prairie, at the Co-Op in Grimshaw and Peace River, on Amazon, at several independent retailers and in our online store.”

Growing up on a family farm, Trina knew she wanted to support local farmers and make a positive impact on local businesses. That’s why she made it a point to source her ingredients from local, reliable companies.

“There’s a domino effect when you support small, locally owned shops, which is why we only get our ingredients from reputable butchers and farmers,” said Trina. “We want to make a difference in the local economy.”

All Dancing Dog Co. products are handmade in commercially operated kitchens in compliance with Alberta Food Safety, and Trina has a high set of standards for every treat distributed.

“We take pride in the quality of our products,” said Trina. “Customers know exactly what they’re getting with our treats, and that’s been my goal since the beginning.”

Freeze drying the liver provides the same convenience as kibble with the health benefits of raw food. By keeping the meat in its natural state, Dancing Dog Co. treats retain a high nutritional value with natural flavours and colours.

With no fillers or preservatives, the Remons have created a healthy product that owners can feel good about feeding their dogs.

“I’ve been a dog person my entire life. I know that dogs who have been fed highly processed food everyday can sometimes face long term health challenges,” said Trina. “This is why I wanted to create a product as close to raw as possible—a product dog owners can trust.”

With health in mind, Trina says dog owners can feel good about purchasing and gifting Dancing Dog Co. treats this holiday season.

“As we get closer to Christmas, we will be offering a promotion on our website for our trio pack,” said Trina. “This allows dogs to sample all three kinds of liver treats to see which one they love most.”

As the company continues to grow and expand, Trina is on the lookout for additional retailers and businesses to collaborate with. She also has new ideas she’s excited to explore and goals for the years ahead.

“We plan to expand by providing accessories, all-natural shampoo and new freeze-dried treats including smoothie bites, which will be freeze-dried fruits and vegetables blended with liver,” said Trina.

Most recently, Dancing Dog Co. received runner up in the 2023 Made in Alberta Awards in the “Unique” category.

“It was amazing to receive a recognition and to be featured on their website,” said Trina. “We’re looking forward to seeing our story and photos in RedPoint Media and Calgary’s Avenue Magazine.”

Creating happiness in a bag has been an incredible journey for the Remons. They refer to themselves as “the happiness founders” because they have been able to blend their love for dogs and their love of business.

“It’s an honour to make something that makes dogs wag their tails, and it’s been a gift to give it to families,” said Trina. “If they’re happy, then we’re happy; it’s as simple as that.”


Article by Dani Wearden | Photography submitted

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Jan 18

After reading the article about The Dancing Dog Co. I was all excited having a local dog treat business to support, so I've put an order in on their website, order was never fulfilled, because they didn't had any in stock. Two months later I'm still waiting for my refund and won't get a message back, if I contact them. I'm very disappointed.....

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