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Vending Machine Business for Sale

Work Part-Time and Make 60% Margins

After 12 years of building a profitable business, Michelle Campbell is selling Campbell Land Vending.

"This is a turn-key business. It comes with 55 beautiful vending machines. The business relationships are already built with the food suppliers and the vending locations, which include schools, hospitals, rec centres and more,” said Michelle. “It also comes with a cargo van, five ATMs and I can train you how to do everything.”

Michelle and her family have deep roots in the Grimshaw area. They’re well-known in the community for being friendly, generous, hardworking and industrious.

“I want to see this business continue to succeed, so I’ll be a support to the new owner in any way I can. I’ve just become too busy on the farm where we currently have seven international students who come to learn, work and live here for awhile,” said Michelle.

According to Michelle, the vending business requires about 25 hours per week of attention.

“It’s very flexible. Generally, I refill all 55 machines once every two weeks. You can decide when and how you’re going to plan your schedule,” said Michelle. “And the margins are about 60%, so it’s definitely worth the time it takes.”

Purchasing this business could be a great fit for people in a number of different situations.

“This business is ready to be taken over. It would be a great money maker for a couple, someone with free time, someone who does shiftwork, the right kind of retiree or an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to expand it further,” said Michelle. “I stopped expanding when it became big enough for me.”

Michelle believes the biggest barrier for a buyer will likely be the price.

“My asking price is $300,000, which probably doesn’t cover the cost of the 55 machines, the five ATMs and the cargo van,” said Michelle. “I understand this is a lot of money for most people. And, though it wasn’t always easy, I had fun growing this business. I want to see it go to someone with a good heart.”

For those interested in applying for government funding to buy Campbell Land Vending, Community Futures Peace Country is a great resource. They lend to people who can’t get a loan from a bank. Their staff there are familiar with this business and Community Futures can provide loans up to $150,000.

“If necessary, I’m open to being creative when it comes to making a deal. I want to give someone in the community the opportunity to build on what I started,” said Michelle.

For serious inquiries, or to express interest, call Michelle at 780-625-5589.

For more information about loans, training and other services, call Community Futures Peace Country at 780-624-1161.

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