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Sizzling Summer BBQs with Really Great Food

Summer is finally here, and with longer sunny days ahead, there are so many fun and adventurous things to look forward to. Friends and families gather to enjoy lounging around at the lake, taking road trips, camping and more.

BBQ Cheeseburgers

It’s the time to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables, and it’s the opportunity to indulge in outdoor grilling and picnics. This is where Freson Bros. is happy to help. With 17 stores across Alberta—ranging from locations as far south as Drumheller and as north as Manning—our commitment to quality, local products and exceptional customer service makes for a delicious summer resource that’s close by.

Look forward to summer BBQs. The sound of sizzling meat on the grill and the mouth-watering aroma is a feast for the senses. Gathering in the backyard, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying good food and company is what summer is all about.

The versatility of BBQ means there’s something for everyone—from juicy burgers and sausages to grilled veggies, the options are endless.

Coiled Ivan's Sausage

And, let’s not forget about the sides! BBQ spreads are all about variety and bringing something unique along with the classics like potato salad, coleslaw or fresh corn on the cob. Your local Freson Bros. store can help.

Grilling meat over an open flame is such a quintessential summer activity. Did you know your local Freson Bros. Butcher Shop only stocks fresh Alberta meat? All our fresh beef, pork, chicken, turkey and bison are from right here in Alberta.

Whether you’re picking up some fresh Alberta Beef steaks, Alberta Beef burger patties or our iconic Ivan’s sausages, everything is cut or made by the professionals right there in the Butcher Shop. They’re experts in meat and are happy to share their knowledge with you. They might recommend the best cuts for grilling or smoking, or they can even marinate or season your meat before you leave the store.

Freson Bros. also has plenty of delicious and satisfying vegetarian and vegan options for summer BBQs or picnics. Don’t forget to check the freezer for different options for any of your dietary needs, including gluten-free breads and buns, so everyone can enjoy a great summer BBQ burger!

Grilled Zucchini

When picking up all the summer essentials at your local Freson Bros. store, don’t forget to stop in at the bakery—have you seen our sourdough? Made fresh everyday from simple, wholesome ingredients of Alberta flour, water and salt, our sourdough is such a delicious choice for every summer BBQ or picnic.

Whether you’re planning a big trip or just looking forward to some downtime, there’s no denying the joy that comes with the arrival of summer. So, soak up the sun, take in the sights, and make the most of this wonderful time of year with help from your friends at Freson Bros.



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