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Rendez Vous RV Park

Where Innovation and Customer Service Meet

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature, you will want to check out Rendez Vous RV Park, a family-operated campground and storage facility just outside Peace River in Northern Sunrise County.

Over the years owners Marcel and Louise Ruel have invested in their business, and as a result, Rendez Vous offers a variety of features and services customers have come to appreciate. Never stopping, the park has introduced new, innovative ways to make your stay even more memorable.

Office Manager Janet White strives to provide the best customer service and make guests feel safe and comfortable.

“We want our guests to ‘experience the Peace’ and everything it has to offer. Our guests feel safe and comfortable in our full-service RV park,” said White.

The RV park offers water, sewer, 50, 30 and 15 amp sites, WiFi and clean, coin operated showers.

“You will often catch me filling up and delivering your propane with a golf cart, or scrambling to put down your RV awning if a random windstorm picks up and you’re away,” said White.

The park also has a one-stop shop of products and services that complement each other, such as a laundry room open 24/7, a convenience store, camping essentials, propane and storage.

“You can camp, fill and dump campers, fill propane tanks and motorhomes and store your RV or camper over the winter at Rendez Vous RV Park and Storage,” said White.

But, that’s not all. Rendez Vous is expanding to include unique accommodations such as domes and teepees—perfect for those who want to experience glamping (or glamorous camping) with the same amenities of home but in a more adventurous setting.

“Our domes will allow campers to enjoy the outdoor adventure experience with the same amenities of home, accessible to all and enjoyable for even the most inexperienced outdoorsy person,” said White. “Staying at the Rendez Vous RV Park combines ‘not exactly roughing it,’ with a pleasurable camping atmosphere.”

Customers can rent the teepee in conjunction with their BBQ shelter, and an event tent is also optional.

“It provides a great gathering place for birthdays, reunions and weddings for minimal cost,” said White.

The park is collaborating and connecting with local businesses, Mighty Peace Tourism, Travel Alberta and other tourism related groups.

There is a lot in the Peace River area to explore and experience, so White looks forward to offering experience packages in conjunction with the rentals to craft memorable stays in the Peace Region.

“The development of more tenting sites will attract those who want a simpler way of staying in the Peace,” said White.

One of the things that sets Rendez Vous RV Park apart is its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The park has a solar array that reduces its carbon footprint and attracts guests who share the same values. Guests can even choose to leave the park in better condition than when they arrived.

“We offer the opportunity to plant a tree and name it,” said White.

Rendez Vous recognizes each customer has different needs and preferences. That’s why they offer both traditional and modern ways of communication and check-in.

“Some customers like the old way of doing things, which is checking-in face to face, or by phone. They love personalized customer service. While others prefer no physical contact, so we’ve implemented a quick online check-in option and texting communication. We’re flexible, and we value customer preferences,” said White.

With all these features and services, it’s no wonder Rendez Vous RV Park has become a popular destination for campers near and far. For White, she enjoys meeting new people and building friendly relationships.

“Customer service here at Rendez Vous is our focus. We want to be able to answer a customer’s questions and cater to their needs before they need to ask. Each guest is truly special and unique, and most are well-travelled and very interesting,” said White.

If you are interested in booking a stay at Rendez Vous RV Park, you can visit their website at or call them at 780-618-1349. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates and promotions. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the Peace at Rendez Vous RV Park!


Writing and Photography by Nathan and Chelsey Friedt, Lemon Social

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