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One Team, One Goal

Mercer Peace River's New Management Strategy

“Be Bold” is a value shared by all of Mercer International around the world. In alignment with this value, Mercer Peace River boldly introduced its new “One Team One Goal” management strategy last year. This strategy has guided decisions and created a strong foundation for team members to strive for constant improvement.

Five Pillars

The Five Pillars are the bedrock of the strategy. Each pillar has defined meanings, structures and objectives. The Five Pillars—Safety, Reliable, Profitable, Responsible and People—are woven into the goals, reports and stewardship of every department and are used to measure and report success.

The OD Principles

How will we accomplish these goals set through the five pillars? That’s where the Organizational Discipline (OD) principles come in—they are at the core of everything we do.

The OD principles—Collaboration, Accountability, Follow the System, Innovation, and Seek Knowledge and Understanding—are principles influencing professional behaviours to effectively change how we do things with intent and purpose.

This strategy can be used by every team member in every department. The Five Pillars help us define “what” we want to achieve, and the OD Principles guide us to “how” we will achieve them.

So far, this strategy has increased overall collaboration and motivated team members to take bold steps toward achieving key performance indicators (KPIs).

For example, for the Safety Pillar, several KPIs have been set to improve safety performance. Since this new management strategy has been implemented, we have seen several significant improvements.

MPR’s TRIR, which is a measurement companies use to give a snapshot of their safety performance, has decreased to below 2, which is an amazing accomplishment. Safety flashes, which report all safety incidents from near misses to recordable incidents, have increased to an average of 70 per month. Together we are collaborating to ensure MPR is a safer place to work and visit.

In the coming years, we look forward to seeing how MPR team members will use this strategy to set new innovative goals and ideas for our operation!


By Jody Bekevich Communications and Stakeholder Relations Coordinator | Mercer Peace River

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