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Sustainability, A Core Value

Mercer Peace River

Everywhere you look, products and packaging are changing. Businesses are looking for ways to become more environmentally responsible, and an effective way to do that is to use more environmentally-friendly products. Mercer Peace River (MPR) is proud to be part of creating a more sustainable world by manufacturing bioproducts like pulp.

MPR pulp is manufactured locally at our mill near Peace River, and then transported internationally to be made into products like tissues, napkins, paper plates, cardboard containers, magazine printing and much more.

Think about your last visit to your local restaurant; many products you used were pulp-based. The menu, the napkin on your table, the straw in your drink, the paper used for this magazine and the container for your leftovers are just a few examples of pulp-based products you use regularly. All of these items are more environmentally friendly than their plastic alternatives.

When visiting local restaurants and grocery stores, our seemingly small choices make a lasting difference in our ecosystems. Should you choose plastic plates or paper plates? Styrofoam containers or cardboard containers? Plastic straws or paper straws? These decisions take seconds to make, but the choice you make will be the difference between a single-use plastic staying in a landfill indefinitely or a biodegradable product that will break down.

Products that are environmentally friendly will support our ecosystems instead of destroy them.

Sustainability is a core value at Mercer and is completely integrated into our strategies and behaviours. We are proud to create bioproducts for a more sustainable world. We encourage you to think of what small choices you can make to join us in our efforts toward a more sustainable world. We are in this together.

By Jody Bekevich | Communications and Stakeholder Relations Coordinator

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