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Meet Our New Dentists

Dr. Jake and Dr. Lou-ann are the latest to join the Wing Dental Team

When it comes to Dr. Winston Wing, Owner of Wing Dental in Peace River, two things are certain: the comfort and care of his patients are key, and he’s willing to invest in the training and education of his staff to ensure Wing Dental patients receive the utmost care and attention.

Dr. Wing actively seeks out the next generation of top-tier talent, and he provides training in the latest in dental technology to ensure his patients receive outstanding care.

Meet the latest dentists to join the Wing Dental team: Dr. Jake Schepian and Dr. Lou-ann de Goeij moved up from Edmonton and plan to stay for at least two years.

Dr. Lou-ann grew up on a dairy farm in Wetaskiwin, AB, and has always enjoyed working with her hands. From a young age, she was determined to become a dentist. She earned her Bachelor of Medical Science degree and then her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Alberta.

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist who is passionate about science and art,” said Dr. Lou-ann. “I have always known I wanted to work in a profession where I could help people, so dentistry was the obvious choice!”

Dr. Jake was born and raised in Edmonton. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from MacEwan University, and then earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Alberta.

“I love working with people, and I have a background in psychology,” said Dr. Jake. “So, I felt those two things would allow me to provide great care as a dentist.”

A woman in a gown and an man in a suit at a formal event
Dr. Jake and Dr. Lou-ann at their graduation

Serendipitously, the two met at the entrance exam to get into dental school.

“In a room of 200 people Lou cornered me to talk about the exam,” said Dr. Jake. “We both got into dental school at the same time and realized we had a lot in common. Throughout the four years of dental school, I still got cornered to talk about all the exams.”

During university, the couple kept busy balancing their school-work with extra-curricular and charitable activities.

“We spent most of our Saturdays volunteering at the Shine Dental Clinic in Edmonton, which provides emergency dental services to underserved populations who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access care,” said Dr. Jake. “We learned about the challenges some face and ultimately how to best manage dental emergencies.”

In addition to the Shine Dental Clinic, Dr. Lou-ann got involved in student body leadership and was the president of the Dental Student’s Association.

“I learned a lot of valuable communication and organizational skills from that role,” said Dr. Lou-ann.

At the time, Dr. Jake was also a varsity soccer athlete.

“I had to learn to balance grades with a full athletic schedule, which was a bit of a challenge,” said Dr. Jake. “Lots of sacrifices were made by both of us to get into dental school, but we wouldn’t change a thing.”

A full schedule didn’t affect their grades as the pair did very well scholastically, keeping patient care as a top priority.

“Lou-ann ended up being the Valedictorian for our class, so you could say she did pretty well,” said Dr. Jake. “I always joke that it was a team effort and that my name should be on the award too. We always strived to be above average and do the best we could for our patients.”

While considering their options for post-graduate employment, the two were drawn to Wing Dental based on Dr. Wing’s reputation. They were open to moving anywhere, which gave them numerous options.

Three dentists in blue scrubs
Dr. Jake Schepian, Dr. Winston Wing and Dr. Lou-ann de Goeij

“We heard a lot of good things about Dr. Wing in the dental community and knew how passionate he was about keeping up to date with the newest dental technology,” said Dr. Jake. “Then, we showed up to the clinic for a visit one day, and Dr. Wing was in the back washing the dishes for his staff. In that moment, we knew he was the kind of guy anyone would be lucky to work for.”

The duo looks forward to building on their education at Wing Dental and have recently attended a course in Arizona to learn about CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) crown and bridge restoration.

“To get the most out of the technology in Dr. Wing’s office, we attended a course to learn about the newest advancements in crown and bridge dentistry,” said Dr. Lou-ann. “We will be able to mill our own crowns and bridges right here in Peace River, providing efficient and high-quality restorative care to our patients.”

Dr. Jake and Dr. Lou-ann are excited to start off their careers at Wing Dental.

“We both really love working with people, and we try to be as well-rounded as possible. We’ve completed electives in pediatric dentistry and courses in root canals and veneers,” said Dr. Lou-ann. “It helps to have each other.”

The two share what they learn, and they find themselves aligned in their practice philosophies—focusing on preventative and conservative dentistry.

Dentistry aside, the young couple look forward to exploring the community and taking advantage of the recreational opportunities the region has to offer.

“We are excited to explore Northern Alberta! We are very outdoorsy and love to bike and hike. We are also both avid golfers, so you’ll likely see us out on the golf course,” said Dr. Jake.


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