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Clean Teeth, Healthy Body

A New Approach for Professional Teeth Cleaning

At Wing Dental in Peace River, Dr. Winston Wing is always looking for new ways to enhance the smiles of his clients and improve the health of their mouths.

What many may not realize is a cleaner mouth promotes whole-body health.

In the spring of 2022— with help from Dental Hygienists Jessica Briley, Meaghan Cooke and Lori Hartman—Dr. Wing seized the opportunity to bring in Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), which is a science-based, professional tooth cleaning experience.

“Wing Dental is the second clinic in Northern Alberta to become a GBT certified practice,” said Dr. Wing.

This new, Swiss technology helps maintain healthy teeth and gums while removing harmful biofilm in a gentler, more effective manner.

Oral biofilm can damage teeth, gums and the bones that hold teeth in place. If not treated, biofilm can spread through the body via the gums to potentially cause serious systemic diseases over time. It can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, respiratory disorders, diabetes and more.

According to current research, conventional professional teeth cleaning methods remove only 50% of oral biofilm in areas that are hard to reach. When only half of the bacteria are removed, it can allow infections to grow, which will lead to dental disease over time.

The GBT method is scientifically proven to remove up to 100% of biofilm.

“At Wing Dental, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of care to our patients,” said Hygienist Jessica Briley. “GBT is a system that delivers a high-quality treatment for patients of all ages.”

GBT uses innovative technologies that are gentle on the teeth and gums. It uses warm water, air and antimicrobial powder to effectively remove stains, biofilm and calculus (tartar) in a comfortable manner.

“This method is a reliable way to clean teeth and has drastically reduced fear of the dentist in many of our patients because of how gentle the process is,” said Hygienist Lori Hartman.

Dental biofilm is barely visible to the naked eye, so an important step of the GBT system is making the biofilm visible on the teeth and gums by using a disclosing solution that colours bacteria blue and purple.

“Being able to show patients where the bacteria are in their mouths allows us to educate them and to also get more specific in our cleaning process,” said Hygienist Meaghan Cooke.

Patients are often given a mirror to show where the bacteria are on their teeth. Then, they are taught how to better remove the bacteria at home and how to use the proper tools to clean more effectively on their own.

“We often use before-and-after photos when performing this method of cleaning because it helps patients appreciate the process more,” said Cooke.

Once the solution is applied, bacteria can be removed completely using the GBT method. The GBT method uses different pieces of technology that all play a key role in fully cleaning a patient’s mouth.

“Adults and children alike are able to receive a professional cleaning with this special system that is simple, in-depth, and comfortable. This science and evidence based technique uses less scraping to focus on the removal of destructive bacteria that cause gum disease,” said Dr. Wing.

A device called Airflow, removes biofilm, stains and early calculus by using an antimicrobial powder, a gentle jet of air and warm water.

Next, the Perioflow cleans gently and thoroughly deep below the gums in the periodontal pockets.

Lastly, the Piezon removes the remaining tartar by using a comfort tip and warm water.

“We no longer have to scrape teeth as often with hand scalers or use abrasive polishing pastes,” said Briley. “Patients are comfortable during cleanings, and GBT is perfect for those with sensitive teeth and gums.”

“In patients with peri-implantitis, which are infections around dental implants, GBT is one of the most minimally invasive treatments for oral biofilm management,” said Dr. Wing.

“Our main goals are to provide services that can be completed consistently and take care of patients locally, so they don’t require visits to specialists in larger cities that are hours away,” said Briley.

Dr. Wing credits his hard-working team of hygienists for supporting and facilitating his efforts in bringing new technology to his clinic. To him, their drive and motivation to learn new methods are incredibly important to the overall care of his patients and the success of his practice.

“I’m extremely grateful for my team here,” said Dr. Wing. “They have done a spectacular job at implementing this new system, and client care is continuously improving because of their willingness to learn new things.”

Call Wing Dental to schedule your Guided Biofilm Therapy appointment.

Remember, good mouth health promotes whole-body health.

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