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Let the Good Times Roll

Norm's Pizzazz: Your Family Restaurant, Sports Bar & Live Entertainment Venue in Grimshaw

It takes a double-shot of passion to bring big dreams to life, and Norm and Marylin Plante clearly have what it takes. Their enthusiasm and drive led them to transform Norm’s Pizzazz into a full entertainment venue space in Grimshaw for live music, comedy, karaoke and more.

The space can now be rented out for parties, meetings and other events, which truly makes it a multi-function space for the community.

“This had been our 10-year plan since opening the restaurant in 2015, but the pandemic kind of pushed us to move forward sooner. We’re now very pleased to provide a gathering place for everyone in Grimshaw to enjoy,” said Norm.

Norm’s Pizzazz now has a completely new look and feel since completing renovations this spring. Since then, the venue has hosted diverse performances from locals at open jam nights to comedians visiting all the way from the East Coast.

“Seeing a full house for our comedy show, with everyone just smiling and laughing, was amazing. Everyone was calm, relaxed and having fun together. That is really what the community needs right now,” said Norm.

Though Norm’s Pizzazz has put more of an emphasis on hosting live events, they are not compromising on the quality of their food.

“In the current economic climate with inflation steadily rising, serving real, high-quality food can be challenging, but we’re still using top-shelf ingredients and pride ourselves on buying local as much as possible,” said Norm. “It puts the money back into the town and the area, and that is good for everyone.”

Quality was also the focus when it came to the renovations and the new expansion. One important example can be found in their quest for superior sound.

“Good sound equipment and sound quality are very important because it allows our performers to be comfortable, which means they can feel more relaxed and enjoy their time on stage,” said Norm. “When it came to sound equipment, I asked musicians what they would want to play on, and I went from there.”

The result is crystal clear sound with a comfortable volume and a full spectrum vibe.

“It’s comparable to what one would find in a live music venue on St. Laurent Street in Montreal,” said Norm. “Responding to what the musicians want has resulted in an unparalleled audience experience in the region, and one that will attract talent from near and far.”

According to Marylin, listening and adapting to what the people want is the foundation of how Norm’s has evolved over the last seven years.

“When it comes down to it, we always come back to what the customer wants,” said Marylin. “We tried our own things along the way, and some of them have worked out great, but in the end, we listen to and learn from our customers the most. We want to provide them with what they seek.”

With the input of their customers, Norm and Marylin are cooking up everything from classic breakfasts to fresh Salisbury steaks to homemade desserts. Norm’s has everyone covered whether it’s grabbing an amazing latte on the go, having a sit-down dinner with live entertainment, watching the big game with friends or getting pizza and beer delivered to your home.

“This new expansion and renovation were important because people need something to do locally in the evenings. Having a place for people to have fun here in Grimshaw keeps people safe and off the highways at night, providing a sense of community right here,” said Norm.

Many who know Marylin and Norm notice their energy. They have a subtle, unspoken language that flows between them, and their love and admiration for each other are evident. When asked what her favourite thing about being at Norm’s Pizzazz is, Marylin responded without hesitation.

“I love getting to work with Norm and the staff every day. I look forward to spending the time with them,” said Marylin.

Despite widespread employee retention challenges in the industry, many of the Norm’s Pizzazz team have stayed with them for years. Norm and Marylin attribute this to working hard themselves and providing a give-and-take approach. Even a new staff member attested to this and said she appreciates the hands-on help she receives from the owners, which is something she had not experienced in other workplaces.

Whether it’s their delicious food, their drive to create an entertainment venue or the way they treat their staff as family, it’s clear Norm and Marylin Plante love their community and enjoy serving them.

Now more than ever, Norm’s Pizzazz is not just a place to eat; it’s a gathering place for Grimshaw—a place where people can experience diverse entertainment, and make down-home memories, day and night.

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