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Relax and Rejuvenate at Hair Chic N' Boutique

Personal care looks a little different for everyone. At Hair Chic N’ Boutique in Fairview, they work hard to create a sense of tranquility and comfort, especially for clients who are less likely to enjoy traditional hands-on therapies.

In 2019, Denise Rasmussen saw an opportunity to take an existing, successful salon that had been in operation since 2007, and expand it into something even better. Rasmussen has taken a new approach to the spa concept and provides alternative services not found locally.

As soon as Rasmussen took over, she grew the boutique side of the business and expanded the wellness offerings of Hair Chic N’ Boutique.

“Many people are uncomfortable with a stranger touching them, but they would still like to experience the therapeutic benefits of massage,” said Rasmussen. “This is why I decided to add touchless spa therapies to our location.”

Though they continue to offer hair other classic salon services, Rasmussen quickly added touchless spa therapies such as an infrared sauna, an Atmosphere massage chair and a hydromassage bed.

According to Rasmussen, their infrared sauna helps clients sleep better, aids in relaxation and can provide relief from joint paint and sore muscles. And, she says, the massage chair helps target acupressure points to alleviate fatigue and enhance blood circulation for a rejuvenating experience.

Before purchasing a hydromassage bed for Hair Chic, Rasmussen tested one out herself. It’s a bed that uses water to massage, and Rasmussen can attest that it offers many of the same benefits as a manual massage such as relaxation, easing muscle tension and stimulating circulation.

“I ordered the hydromassage bed from Florida. It was quite the endeavour to get it here, but it’s a great option for people who prefer a therapeutic experience where they control the pressure and the duration,” said Rasmussen.

Denise Rasmusson, Owner

Rasmussen also currently has two tanning bed options—a stand-up booth that provides a faster tan and a lie down bed that offers a more relaxing experience.

“Our tanning services are popular. People don’t just come in for the tanned aesthetic,” said Rasmussen. “Many people come in for the therapeutic benefits like light therapy during our dark winters. Some find it also help with skin conditions like psoriasis.”

Whatever the reason clients are coming in, the staff at Hair Chic N’ Boutique try to provide the peaceful atmosphere people want to relax and sink into.

Rasmussen says their store manager is “intuitive and in touch with the clientele” and attributes the tranquil vibe in the store to her manager’s approach to helping clients.

“People love to come in here. My manager always knows how to help people even if it just means giving them the space to enjoy looking around the store without any pressure,” said Rasmussen. “Sometimes in a small town it’s nice to get out and about, and our store provides the perfect reason to get out of the house.”

Rasmussen and her team work hard to provide a wide selection of products otherwise not found locally. Visitors can expect to find health and wellness products, home décor, gift items and clothing.

Rasmussen attended The TRENDS Apparel show in Edmonton last year, which has helped her focus on providing classic clothing options in her boutique at price points comparative to larger centres.

“We try to bring in small quantities of beautiful, quality clothing so everyone can find something that makes them feel good,” said Rasmussen.

For Rasmussen and her team, the goal is for their clients to feel cared for and leave happy—whether they are just there to browse the boutique, get natural teeth whitening, or spend the day treating themselves.

“Taking care of yourself enhances your mental state. People don’t realize how little time they give themselves because they are so busy,” said Rasmussen. “Resetting for even 30 minutes can change your entire day.”

You can find your personal reset on Main Street in Fairview or browse boutique items online at You can also find Hair Chic N’ Boutique on Instagram and Facebook.

By Kelly Pippin | Photography Submitted

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