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Absolute Hydraulics and Absolute Distribution--Providing a Crimp you can Count on 24/7

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Peace River & Clairmont, AB

Receiving his Red Seal Heavy Duty Mechanic ticket in 2015, Brad Chayba,

CEO of Absolute Hydraulics, saw an opportunity and ran with it.

“I began apprenticing as a heavy-duty mechanic when I was 16 and received my journeyman ticket before chasing this goal,” said Chayba. “My family was involved in hydraulics, and I noticed the demand for it in the North, so I decided to pursue it for myself.”

Husband to Jeandre and father to Karlee, Chayba has created a life he is proud of.

Absolute Hydraulics

Established in 2016, Absolute Hydraulics has steadily grown into Chayba’s ultimate business. Opening his first location in Peace River, he started out with a 3,000 sq. ft. building and hit the road running.

Specializing in hydraulic component and mobile repairs, hydraulic hose and fittings, hose certification, general troubleshooting and his own Absoflex branded hose, Chayba has made an impact in the industry from the very beginning.

“Whether it’s building a hose assembly or repairing a cylinder, valve bank or motor, we’re prepared to tackle any job at hand,” said Chayba. “We chose the slogan, ‘a crimp you can count on 24/7,’ because we’re available and reliable to our clients any time, day or night.”

By his second year in business Chayba not only expanded to include more services, but he also expanded to a larger building, doubling the size of his previous location.

“By the third year of operating, we found we were still growing at a fast pace, so we eventually moved into a 16,000 sq. ft. facility,” said Chayba.

Absolute Distribution

Having more room to grow, Chayba added another level to his business, called Absolute Distribution. He began to supply his customers with industrial supplies outside of hydraulics, allowing many of his clientele to utilize his company for all their industry needs.

“I saw a need and I incorporated it into my business plan. Many companies were looking for more supplies, so we went ahead and made it easier for them,” said Chayba. “We are becoming a one-stop shop.”

Absolute Distribution encompasses the same high-quality standards Chayba has applied to all his business ventures, and he is keen on delivering a service clients can count on.

“We send out quality items and we’re fast and responsive. We’re positioning ourselves as the distribution company of choice in the region,” said Chayba.

Customer Service

By supplying 24/7 quality service, knowledgeable staff and competitive pricing, current and future clients can expect the best when working with Absolute Hydraulics and Absolute Distribution.

“We continuously work to provide great customer care and create positive relationships,” said Chayba.

Opening his second location in Clairmont in June of 2021, Chayba now provides the Grande Prairie area with high-quality products and exceptional after-sales service. Both the Peace River and Clairmont locations provide the services of Absolute Hydraulics and the supplies of Absolute Distribution.

“My team and I have worked hard to build a strong client base, which helped us expand our service area,” said Chayba.

When asked what sets him apart from other hydraulic businesses, the answer is simple. It’s service.

“We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service,” said Chayba. “Our team does everything they can to best serve customers and build strong relationships. It starts with friendship and getting to know their specific needs.”

The Absolute Team

In the beginning, Chayba was the sole employee of Absolute Hydraulics, but now he has up to 10 employees at the Peace River location who offer full support to the Clairmont location.

Creating a positive work environment has been a priority for Chayba since day one, and he frequently applies his easy-going demeanor to his leadership skills to ensure all his employees feel supported and comfortable at work.

“Nobody wants to work in a negative atmosphere, we all know that. As an employer, I’m very hands-on,” said Chayba. “I pride myself in providing flexible schedules and continuous support to all my personnel.”

Now Hiring

Currently, Chayba is looking to strengthen his team. He is hiring for multiple positions at both locations—including field technicians, general labours, inside and outside sales and office administration. Candidates can apply using the careers tab on their website.

“Joining our team has a lot of perks. We offer competitive wages and the ability to grow within the business and move up in your chosen career,” said Chayba. “One of my favourite parts of owning a business is being able to create and provide employment for people in our surrounding communities.”

Giving Back

Motivated by community, Chayba also uses his position to support local events and initiatives in the Peace Region.

“We always make a point to donate consistently to our community, and we sponsor many sports teams and events, which I am always so grateful to be able to do,” said Chayba.

The Future

As for future goals, Chayba has a few he hopes to accomplish soon. “In five years, I’m hoping to expand our inventory lines and have more locations ready to serve a larger client base,” said Chayba.

Chayba is always looking for new opportunities to grow and expand Absolute Hydraulics and Absolute Distribution.

"If you or your business are in need of parts or support, stop in at either location, give us a call or visit,” said Chayba.

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