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Awakening Community Spirit in Weberville

Weberville Revitalization Society | County of Northern Lights, AB

An active community is an asset and a treasure, especially in rural areas. Bring life back into their community, the Weberville Revitalization Society (WRS) is nurturing its connectivity by sprucing up the community hall.

Located on Highway 743, just a 10-minute drive north of Peace River, and built almost 40 years ago, the Weberville Hall was once a hot spot in the area.

In recent years, however, the hall began to fall into disrepair, so community members starting pitching in to bring it back to its former glory.

“We didn’t want the hall to decline. Weberville is vibrant and has seen a lot of growth,” said Deb Kalyn, President of the Weberville Revitalization Society. “We could see the potential. We knew how reviving the hall would support and benefit the community.”

Formed in 2019, the Weberville Revitalization Society’s vision is to increase community connection. Its mission is to revitalize the hall, host family-orientated events and capture Weberville’s history.

Deb Kalyn

The first task of the WRS was to complete imperative structural renovations to the hall.

“We had to stabilize the floors because the foundation was starting to crumble. The old deck was replaced with a larger one,” said Kalyn. “The entire exterior was also painted and stained, and a cement accessibility ramp was poured.”

The WRS has reported success in bringing the hall back on the social circuit for hosting events. And, according to the society, it has gained popularity as a preferred rental space for social, business and corporate events.

The venue can seat 230 comfortably and is equipped with a fully-stocked commercial kitchen that includes two flat top grills, a gas range, a convection oven, a bar area and a large walk-in cooler.

“We’re planning to upgrade the lighting, paint the ceilings and renovate the washrooms, which we hope to accomplish next year,” said Kalyn.

With feedback from the community, the Weberville Revitalization Society brought back their popular pancake breakfast. Last year in March they welcomed over 135 people for breakfast. This Mother’s Day, they plan to host their fifth pancake breakfast. All are invited.

Bringing back old traditions and starting new ones, the society has also teamed up with the Weberville Firefighting Association, and their members have graciously volunteered their time and services.

“We started an annual New Years Day wiener roast with the firefighters. They will bring the fire engine over and maintain the fire. It’s been great to have their help,” said Kalyn.

Another unique event hosted at the hall is the Halloween Haunted Walk, held on the last weekend of October. Suitable for all ages, it has become increasingly popular, and last year they welcomed over 300 guests.

“Without our dedicated members and volunteers, none of this would be possible,” said Kalyn. “A heartfelt thank you goes out to the County of Northern Lights for their continued support, the Peace River Rotary Club, Peace River and District Chamber of Commerce and to all the organizations that donate to our events.”

For more information, visit or visit the Weberville Revitalization Society’s Facebook Page.


By Laura Hanna | Photography Submitted

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