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Setting Businesses Up for Success in the Northwest

The REDI MADE Business Showcase Event

March 12 – 14, 2024 | Best Western Hotel, High Level

In a series called “Opportunity Knocks,” REDI (Regional Economic Development Initiative) featured articles in Move Up Magazine about 10 feasibility studies to develop business opportunities tailored to the REDI Region.

Since then, REDI commissioned 10 new business cases, which will be unveiled at the REDI MADE Business Showcase in March. This conference will also include an array of speakers and networking opportunities.

Long-time business owners, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and those interested in the future of the region, mark your calendars for the REDI MADE Business Showcase this March 12 to 14 in High Level.

The event will host several professional speakers as well as stakeholders and business experts. In addition, 20 REDI MADE business opportunities with accompanying feasibility studies and data will be unveiled and discussed.

“REDI has meticulously crafted 20 compelling business cases,” said REDI Chair Lisa Wardley. “These cases serve as the heartbeat of our event, providing the backdrop for the future of business in the REDI Region.”

Pictured: Lisa Wardley, REDI Chair (top left), Amy Saitz, Northern Lakes College Dean, Business, Academics, Trades and Regional Stewardship (top right), Sheila Musgrove, Owner TAG Recruitment (bottom left), and Paul Salvatore, CEO of Municipal Experts (bottom right)

The company that developed the business cases, Municipal Experts, will be represented at the event by their CEO, Paul Salvatore. He is excited to present their research and show how local businesses can benefit.

“These business cases are designed to boost economic development regionally and act as a starting point for businesses to grow and prosper,” said Salvatore.

Attendees will meet and network with like-minded individuals and learn from experts in various fields. The showcase will cover a range of topics including business opportunities, financial management and workforce development.

Local business owners and community stakeholders are strongly encouraged to attend.

“The future of business in the REDI Region is about to unfold, and you’re invited to be a pivotal part of this extraordinary journey,” said Wardley.

With a diverse range of speakers and workshops, attendees will leave with valuable insights and practical takeaways to help grow their businesses and the local economy.

“In the spirit of industrial inclusivity, we have curated a diverse lineup that mirrors the various industries in the REDI Region,” said Wardley. “Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an emerging entrepreneur, our event promises an experience tailored to your aspirations and ambitions.”

By partnering with local stakeholders, such as Northern Lakes College, the showcase will provide attendees with beneficial material they will be able to apply to their businesses immediately.

“The Northern Lakes College Council of Community Education Committees is proud to partner with REDI to bring Craig Elias, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bow Valley College, to the REDI MADE Business Showcase Event,” said Amy Saitz, Dean, Business, Academics, Trades, and Regional Stewardship. “We believe his workshop, ‘Will My Idea Fly,’ provides valuable insights and practical advice for business owners and entrepreneurs in the region. We look forward to continuing the conversation and seeing the positive impact this event will have on the local economy.”

Other speakers include Professional Speaker and Trainer Kristen Cumming; Wendy Muise from Ground Floor Labs; Executive Coach John Knapp; Mark Parsons, Chief Economist from ATB; and Sheila Musgrove from TAG Recruitment Group, who is eager to share her knowledge and motivate those in attendance.

“I’m thrilled to be speaking at the REDI MADE Business Showcase. My talk will focus on the importance of mentorship in business and how it can help you achieve your goals,” said Musgrove. “I hope to inspire attendees to seek out mentors in their own lives and to be open to learning from unexpected sources.”

Overall, the REDI MADE Business Showcase is set out to be multifaceted and rich with support, inspiration, collaboration under one common goal—setting businesses up for success in the Northwest.

“This event is not merely an opportunity; it’s a moment when the REDI Region accelerates toward new horizons. Don’t just witness the change, be part of the driving force behind it,” said Wardley.

Want to attend? Sign up for the REDI MADE Business Showcase today.

Tickets are $150 for the 3-day Showcase. | For tickets or information visit


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