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Peace Valley Snow Riders Secure Smith Mills Sponsor

Paul Lavoie Images

After seeking sponsorship for the last five years, the Peace Valley Snow Riders (PVSR) have secured Zavisha Sawmills Ltd. of Hines Creek as a sponsor for the Smith Mills Trail.

Zavisha’s sponsorship is in conjunction with the Forest Resources Improvement Association of Alberta under its Forest Resources Improvement Program.

The five-year sponsorship has a few major differences from past sponsorship agreements.

The PVSR has agreed to work with Zavisha to install interpretive signage along the Canfor Hines Creek Trail and the Zavisha Smith Mills Trail.

In preparation, the trails will be scouted with representatives of Zavisha early this winter to identify appropriate topics and locations. PVSR will install the signage shortly thereafter.

The interpretive signage will reflect the forest industry history, reforestation, various types of tenures and practices, animal habitats, trapping and other shared use in the respective areas.

Although the interpretive signage is the highest priority under this sponsorship agreement, the agreement allows for funds to be used to maintain these trails thereby ensuring safe access to the interpretive signage.

PVSR uses donations in-kind from its membership to maintain the trails. Last season, there were 246 annual passes and 33 day passes.

Increased trail use is associated with increased membership, and the Club’s trails now extend over 200 km, so additional grooming will be required.

The generous funding provided under this agreement will allow PVSR the opportunity to start contracting for some of the grooming services on these trails.

Should funds be available, the Club also has the option of contracting slashing services to assist with vegetation removal particularly at the start of the season.

The Trail Operations Committee will be responsible for determining the exact direction of these funds as has taken place with previous sponsorship funding.

PVSR would like to acknowledge Dwayne Buchholtz for his continued efforts and dedication to the PVSR as he worked with Zavisha Sawmills to secure this important sponsorship for the Club.

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