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New Electric Zamboni Arrives in High Level

On September 22, the Town of High Level’s new Zamboni 450—a lithium-ion battery powered ice resurfacer—was delivered to the High Level Sports Complex.

The new Zamboni will improve the ice quality experience for arena users and provide cost savings for the Town.

Over 10 years, the cost is estimated at $1,890 per month for the lithium-ion system—including capital outlay, which is much higher for an electric ice resurfacer. In contrast, the gas-powered ice resurfacer costs $8,750 per month, which includes costs for fuel and servicing.

It is expected the new Zamboni will require 30 percent less maintenance and reduce about five tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, which supports the Town’s efforts at greenhouse gas reduction.

“Our Council and staff are committed to sustainable operations and working towards our greenhouse gas reduction targets,” said Mayor Crystal McAteer. “The Sports Complex and ice sheet are a core part of our town during the long months of winter, so this is exciting news for the community. I look forward to seeing the new Zamboni 450 in action.”

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