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Innovating with AI and Robotics

Manzer Environmental's Pivotal Journey

James Manzer, Owner/Founder Manzer Environmental

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, innovation and the ability to pivot have become crucial for companies to thrive. Led by James Manzer, Manzer Environmental is a company that exemplifies these qualities.

Despite facing challenges during an economic downturn and COVID-19, Manzer Environmental has managed to carve a path of success using innovative thinking and strategic pivots.

Manzer Environmental has undergone significant changes over the past couple years, expanding its horizons and embracing new technologies. While remaining true to their core services—industrial cleaning, waste disposal and fluid hauling—the company has recently leveraged AI and robotic technology to enhance its operations.

“We’ve enhanced how we do business with the use of AI and robotic technology. It’s remarkable technology that I thought would be in our distant future, but it’s becoming part of our daily business,” said Manzer.

This innovation gives Manzer Environmental a competitive edge. They offer quality services comparable to larger companies while maintaining the agility and personalized approach of a smaller business.

By incorporating AI and robotics, Manzer Environmental is expanding its service area beyond oil and gas to serve a larger share of the marketplace. And, by integrating these cutting-edge tools into their daily operations, the company has improved safety measures for its staff and clients.

“The most important aspect is the safety of our staff,” said Manzer. “With this robotic technology, they are able to work without the risk of entering confined spaces and/or hazardous atmospheres.”

The new technology has also significantly enhanced operational efficiency, reducing downtime for customers by up to 75%.

Manzer Environmental’s ability to provide top-quality service to customers in the Peace Region and as far as Fort McMurray has placed them on par with larger companies, transcending their small-town roots.

Tim Wylie, Project Manager

The transformation from Manzer Energy to Manzer Environmental was not merely a name change—it represented a new direction for the company. The transition occurred after the acquisition of a local disposal company in 2020, enabling Manzer Environmental to transport both hazardous and non-hazardous waste for disposal or recycling.

“Once we could officially say, ‘We transport any hazardous or non-hazardous waste for disposal or recycling,’ it made sense to call ourselves Manzer Environmental,” said Manzer.

This strategic pivot aligned with their vision of becoming a comprehensive environmental solutions provider, catering to a broader range of industries and markets.

Manzer Environmental’s recent investments in technology have revolutionized their approach to industrial cleaning. The company has acquired various tools capable of tackling cleaning jobs of all sizes.

From high-volume water cannons for handling large-scale operations to high-pressure vessel tools for smaller-scale tasks, their arsenal of equipment enables efficient and effective cleaning.

Now, the integration of AI software and robotic tools has streamlined operations further.

“Our team, led by our Project Manager Tim Wylie, builds a detailed tank/vessel within the AI software prior to us even arriving onsite,” said Manzer. “The robotic tool targets every inch of the interior, working non-stop.”

This innovative approach, utilizing advanced pumps and vacuum trucks, has significantly reduced cleaning times, providing clients with faster and more reliable results.

Manzer Environmental’s use of AI and robotics empowers them to offer clients an unparalleled level of service. By eliminating the need for manual cleaning in confined spaces and enabling real-time monitoring, the company has brought a new level of safety and efficiency to their operations.

“The old processes of entering confined spaces and cleaning manually, or using tools to clean without vision, is a thing of the past,” said Manzer.

Looking ahead, Manzer Environmental remains focused on sustainable growth and continuous improvement. Their commitment to enhancing existing systems and investing in their team has them well-poised for long-term success.

“Our systems will give us the ability to increase our performance in and out of the field, and they set us up for sustainable growth long-term,” said Manzer.

Additionally, the company aims to expand its waste disposal division through strategic acquisitions. By nurturing partnerships and leveraging their expertise, Manzer Environmental is positioned to lead the industry into the future.

Manzer attributes much of their success to the unwavering support of their customer base. He recognizes the importance of creating a safe work environment and expresses gratitude to their industrial and residential clients.

“Your commitment to us has been critical in creating a safer work atmosphere for many people,” said Manzer.

Manzer Environmental aspires to be a company that gives back to the community, forging sustainable partnerships and actively participating in the growth and well-being of the local area.

Manzer Environmental’s inspiring journey showcases the power of innovation and strategic pivots in the face of challenges. By embracing AI/robotic technology, the company has revolutionized its operations, expanding its service area and delivering exceptional results to clients.


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