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Fifteen Years of Zen

Celebrating 15 Years of holistic healing and tranquility

Zen Spa | Peace River, AB | Photography by Nathan and Chelsey Friedt, Lemon Social

Tucked away, just steps from Main Street Peace River, you’ll find a serene getaway where you can indulge your senses, melt away your stress, unwind, rejuvenate and treat yourself to premium spa services that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Celebrating 15 years, Zen Spa provides top-notch treatments and procedures in its picturesque location. Owner Wendy Wagner is a registered massage therapist, esthetician, PaRama BodyTalk practitioner and cranio-sacral therapist.

“I’ve always wanted to create a special space where I could really invite people in for an experience,” said Wagner. “When this building became available, I knew it would be perfect for Zen Spa.”

Zen Spa offers a wide array of services and packages including esthetic procedures, professional massage and spa treatments.

“We like to offer services that are different and unique,” said Wagner. “We have an aromatherapy steam shower. We do professional body wraps and body polishes. We offer energy work including BodyTalk and cranio-sacral therapy, and Heather does astrological readings. Just to name a few.”

In 2014, Zen Spa expanded to medical spa (medi-spa) services. Wagner’s partner, Dr. Winston Wing, is the spa’s medical director. Today, they offer Botox Cosmetic, Venus Legacy skin tightening, fat reduction and body contouring, Venus Viva skin resurfacing and other in-clinic treatments.

“Our Botox procedures are done next door at Wing Dental, but all of the other services are done here in the spa,” said Wagner. “Our medi-spa services are for the face and body. We offer radio frequency treatments, micro-needling and in-clinic treatments using Environ medical-grade skin care products from South Africa.”

Medi-spa treatments are used to zero-in on a variety of target areas.

“We can help men and women interested in skin tightening, skin resurfacing, body contouring, moderate fat reduction or toning, and scar reduction,” said Wagner. “Our medi-spa services are non-invasive procedures with zero or minimal downtime.”

For teens and adults with acne, Zen Spa also offers a gentle peel, called Cool Peel.

“It’s a very gentle and very effective procedure,” said Wagner. “Used in conjunction with the Environ Skin Care line, it really helps with a person’s acne.”

Wagner encourages anyone interested in exploring medi-spa services to schedule a free one-on-one consultation.

The Zen Spa Team
L to R: Megan Blais, Tasha Hrynyk, Wendy Wagner, Kirstyn Michalchuk, Heather Coldwell and Dr. Winston Wing

“Tasha is our medi-spa consultant. She starts by learning more about you and your areas of concern. Then, she walks you through our services,” said Wagner. “Your medical history will be taken into account, and you’ll leave knowing what to expect from your appointment and the results of your treatment.”

Twice per year, Zen Spa hosts medi-spa events where they highlight their services using live demonstrations. These events take place in the spring and fall—often in April and October.

“We offer demonstrations to educate people about how and why the procedures work,” said Wagner. “We also broadcast the demonstration on Facebook Live, and we offer really great discounts.”

During COVID, the spa expanded its services once again to include an online boutique, so all the products Zen Spa carries can be ordered from the comfort of your home.

“We launched a second website for our boutique. We carry a large inventory of products,” said Wagner. “In addition to the Environ Skin Care line, we have some great haircare products, beauty products, health and wellness products and more.”

Wagner highly recommends TokyoMilk and Lollia, the perfume lines by Margot Elena.

“She actually comes from small-town Alberta, but she’s based in the US,” said Wagner. “She has the most beautiful perfume lines and bath and body products. Her perfumes are so unique, and I’m proud to highlight an Alberta female entrepreneur in the spa. Her products are just amazing.”

Wagner is grateful to her staff for the extra work that went into adding the store’s entire inventory onto the online Zen Boutique, which also offers Zen Spa gift cards for those who can’t make it into the spa.

“A spa cannot be a one-person show. I really am so proud of my team members,” said Wagner. “We just have a fantastic group. In a spa, it’s all about teamwork.”

In addition to Wagner and medical director Dr. Wing, the Zen Spa team is made up of Tasha Hrynyk, the medi-spa consultant and main technician; Kirstyn Michalchuk, who is training for the medi-spa and esthetics; Heather Coldwell; who does massage, energy work, BodyTalk and astrological readings; and Megan Blais, the hairstylist.

“We work so well together, and we love what we do. When a client comes in and says they feel so relaxed here, that’s the biggest compliment,” said Wagner.

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