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Does Your Career Boost Need A Boost?

You’ve been in the same job for years. You know it inside out and backward.

You’re grateful for your job, but you’re feeling like you want more. Sound familiar?

© Sheila Musgrove

You need a little Rocket Boost!

I wrote a fun, quirky book about weird career boosters called Unexpected Mentors. Weird & Creative Ideas to Boost Your Career.

I explored overlooked, undervalued and never-thought-of ideas for career inspiration and mentorship. I’m excited to share a nugget with you!

Sometimes we think our career network is limited to our town or region. And, it can feel small and kind of limiting. I’m tossing some dynamite on that idea!

I want you to think about leaders in your community, region, province or even the entire country or globe. Business leaders, community leaders, athletes, Olympians, public figures, authors…maybe even a celebrity, news reporter or social media influencer…the list is endless.

You should be grinning as this exercise does have a bit of double dare feel to it! Go big. Reach out to people who you’d NEVER think you’d get a reply from…

What is the ONE thing you’d like to learn from them?

In my book, I wrote about the massive value of a “mini mentor session.” A mini mentor session is a single conversation with someone you’d love to get a nugget of career wisdom from.

Don’t make your ask too big. The person should be able to email or call you with a quick reply. If the ask is too big, you won’t get a reply. So, keep it small…that’s why I call it a MINI mentor session. GRIN.

Reach out via LinkedIn messenger or email. When you send a question in writing (versus a phone call or worse yet, the dreaded “pick your brain” coffee meeting—more on that in another article), the odds of it being accepted are far greater.

I’ve used this “mini mentor” idea to get mail from 24 Sussex (the residence of the Prime Minister), meetings with ministers within the provincial government, and even a phone call (and coaching session) from a well-known Canadian author!

Here’s some questions for your mini mentor sessions to get the ideas flowing:

  1. You’ve risen the ranks in record time. What’s the one thing that’s made you successful?

  2. You’ve got crazy style as an influencer, what is your best advice for x?

  3. What’s the best business lesson you’ve learned?

  4. What’s your secret to x?

  5. You’re known as an incredible networker. Could you share one tip for a beginner?

  6. What’s one tip for someone who’d like to follow your career path?

Make it a regular habit to reach out to one or two people a week. Don’t fret if you don’t get a reply. Just keep asking different people. Along the way, I’m confident you’ll get some incredible nuggets of wisdom that will BOOST your career.

Sheila Musgrove, Founder, TAG Recruitment. Author of Hired! How To Get The Zippy Gig. Insider Secrets From A Top Recruiter and Unexpected Mentors. Weird & Creative Ideas To Boost Your Career.

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