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Misery Mountain in Dire Need of Volunteers

After a few years of unfavourable weather conditions, COVID restrictions, declining revenues and an increased reliance on volunteers, Peace River’s Misery Mountain is facing another uncertain season and is making a plea for volunteers.

“We don’t see the ski hill opening this year unless we can find bodies to run the outdoor operation of the hill, which entails taking care of the maintenance and running of the lifts, snow guns and grooming equipment,” said Misery Mountain Board Member Jill Cairns. “We also require a chalet manager to run the day-to-day inside operations.”

Cairns noted the positions would be unpaid, as the ski hill has no funds to work with this year.

“As with most non-profit groups, volunteers are the backbone,” said Cairns. “For years we were very fortunate to have key volunteers for the outside operation of the hill. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for several seasons.”

The severity of the situation has put the organization in a dire circumstance.

“We will have to ask the Town of Peace River to supply staff for these key positions,” said Cairns. “The Town owns the ski hills assets, and up to this point, the hill has been able to sustain itself.”

A variety of roles need to be filled for the ski hill's operations.

“We are looking for volunteers who have knowledge running equipment like snow guns, snowmobiles and grooming equipment,” said Cairns. “We’re also looking for volunteers who understand operation management. Of course, having volunteers inside the chalet is also a bonus. Funding and grant writing are also areas of need.”

Cairns adds that board member Scott Weston has been working hard to make the ski hill a

year-round venue by adding a bike park to the hill.

“We, as a board, see [Misery Mountain] as a year-round facility and have had many dedicated volunteers trying to achieve this vision,” said Cairns. “The sad truth is we cannot depend on Mother Nature, and we need to be able to make our own snow. Snow on the hill equals revenues.”

Can you help?

Contact Jill Cairns at 780-219-0030, 780-624-1713 or

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