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Beyond Basics Fitness & Nutrition | La Crete, AB A Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association Member Feature

Beyond Basics Fitness and Nutrition Owner Edie Neudorf, 48, took interest in fitness and nutrition at a young age when she watched her older sisters work out to a Jane Fonda tape, and she found her mom’s health magazine on the coffee table.

It wasn’t until Edie stopped prioritizing her healthy lifestyle as an adult that she realized exactly how important it is.

“I visited doctor after doctor for testing and treatment, but it wasn’t until I started a program of regular workouts and a nutrient-dense diet that I finally got my health and energy back,” said Edie. “As an added bonus, I lost 40 pounds of extra weight.”

Edie has since become a certified personal trainer and opened Beyond Basics Fitness and Nutrition in La Crête five years ago. Last fall, Edie opened a separate room for group classes and opened the gym 24/7 to members in December.

“I realize now how small my big dreams were,” said Edie. “I never imagined the friendships and relationships I would build or how much I would learn and grow as a business owner.”

Beyond Basics offers a women-only 24/7 gym, a steam room, group fitness classes, personal training, online training through the Beyond Basics app, special classes throughout the year such as self defense and Zumba, and a playroom for children.

“Most gyms focus primarily on fat loss and strength training,” said Edie. “Our gym is women-only and focuses on healthy living, injury rehab and prevention.”

For Edie, catering to post-natal fitness and rehab is of particular interest.

“Women are used to being told it’s normal to develop things like pelvic floor prolapse and incontinence, and they just need to learn to live with it,” said Edie. “It may be normal, but it’s not something most women need to live with. After 6-12 weeks, every woman in my program has seen some, usually major, improvements.”

At Beyond Basics, caring and community are the main motivators moving the business forward.

“I care for the women I work with, and it’s important for me to empower them and help them avoid the health issues and injuries many of us have struggled with,” said Edie. “I want to help them make health a priority, so they can live their best lives. We all help each other grow.”

For Edie, after five years in business, there are still exciting things to come.

“We are planning more services for moms and caregivers with children, and we’re always adding new gym features and programs,” said Edie. “We have some wonderful things coming up this year.”

9506 88 Ave. La Crete | 780-821-0885 |

By Jenelle and Tormaigh Van Slyke | Photography by Trent Schlamp

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