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Beekeeping Yields Sweet Rewards

Love Local: Northwestern Alberta Makers & Creators Crocus Hills Honey | MD of Peace

Christel and Jeremy Johnson

Husband-and-wife duo, Harvey and Christel Johnson, and son, Jeremy, are the beekeepers and marketers behind Crocus Hills Honey. Harvey and Jeremy are born-and-raised in the MD of Peace, and Christel grew up in Barrhead County.

What’s your origin story? How did you get into working with bees?

Harvey: While Christel was attending a course in the city, she happened upon the Beemaid Bee Store in Spruce Grove and was struck with the idea of working with honey bees as an opportunity to involve our grandchildren.

Christel purchased two hives as a Christmas gift for me, and the following spring we purchased our first bees. In the first couple years, I worked with Jordan (our grandson) and the number of colonies grew. Later Jeremy became interested and partnered in the beekeeping endeavour.

Jeremy later expanded the activity to include candle making.

Please describe a few of your products and describe how they’re made.

We sell all-natural, raw honey; genuine beeswax candles (traditional and unique styles); and we have sold bees (nucleus colonies) to other beekeepers.

Please tell us about the care and attention that goes into your work.

We keep our bees in our backyards where we can constantly monitor them to ensure their health and safety. Our bees get our personal attention to ensure they are as healthy and comfortable as possible. After all, healthy and happy bees make awesome honey with plenty for themselves and surplus for their keepers.

Our honey is warmed to be liquid enough to pack into smaller containers and is processed in our kitchen in the most sanitary way.

Are there specific items you could suggest for Christmas gift ideas?

Our glass jars packed with all-natural honey and unique beeswax candles make great stocking stuffers or great gifts all by themselves. Just think, what a sweet idea!

Where are your products available for purchase?

Our products are found in our Honey Stand in the front office of Can-Tech Electrical Services in Grimshaw. You can call 780-332-2132 and ask about honey and candles or email

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Keeping honey bees is a challenging and rewarding occupation. Beekeepers are constantly learning new skills to help our bees stay healthy and productive.

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