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École des Quatre-Vents reveals plans for new school

On May 6, guests, trustees, staff and students gathered at the construction start-up ceremony and unveiling of plans for the École des Quatre-Vents Replacement Project.

Once completed, K-12 students will have a grade-appropriate learning environment in the 2023-2024 school year.

“Congratulations to all those who have worked toward this great achievement. The new school is already materializing before our eyes. It will be a modern and visionary school that will support our students in their academic journey and create a space for all members of the francophone school community to flourish,” said Sylvianne Maisonneuve, Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest Chair.

The project was announced in 2019 and construction began April 1, 2022.

École des Quatre-Vents is operated by the Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest, which serves the francophone community by providing programs and educational services to students, their parents and their communities.

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